Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The PHPro 2.0 Beta Due for Release in February 2009

I thank everyone who tested the Personal Health Profiler Alpha and provided helpful feedback. I am now working on the Beta version, which will be available for public review in late February 2009. It is the first personal health application to support the Whole Person Integrated Care (WPIC) model.

As with the "Alpha version," the Beta will also be a prerelease version, which is being offered for testing and review purposes, as well as to promote collaboration with companies and individuals able to help expand its contents and evolve its functions. All you need to use the PHPro is Microsoft Excel 2000 or newer.

The unique features and benefits included in this version are:
  • A comprehensive self-assessment questionnaire that speeds knowledge-building through a patented process that uses sophisticated branching logic to administer only the assessment items relevant to an individual; it includes a health risk assessment and much more
  • Interactive reports providing an integrated view of a person’s biomedical and psychological (body-mind) information
  • Personalized desktop portal for easy access to relevant information on the Internet and elsewhere
  • Problem-management guides providing coping and problem-solving tools that include gateways to focused information related to troubling issues a person is facing; this process helps avoid overload by supplying information and interpretations in the context of real-life situations
  • A method for indexing and categorizing every conceivable piece of health-related information using a numeric classification system similar to the Dewey Decimal libraries use to organize books
  • A way to give the individual complete control over the data by enabling him/her to determine whom (if anyone) has permission to view each particular piece of information
  • Change tracking in which all data updates and corrections are managed and available for review.

The Beta version expands the Alpha's functionalitiy to include the following:

  • Identifies physiological (bodily) and psychological (emotional, cognitive, and behavioral) symptoms that may be caused or exacerbated by medication side-effects, along with recommendations (and time-based exclusions)
  • Identifies existing drug-drug interactions and recommendations
  • Shows a history of changes in one’s physical and psychological signs and symptoms in tables and graphs
  • Imports data from XML-based Continuity of Care Records/Documents, as well as web-based data input forms, and incorporates them into the Profile report
  • Enables a “granular” level of control for authorizing sharing of one’s health information
  • Automatically retrieves selected documents stored in one’s own computer, as well as linking to web sites
  • Offers more extensive “information therapy” (i.e., educational/instructional materials).I'm very confident you’ve seen nothing like this anywhere!

If you are interested taking a test drive, would like an opportunity to offer your input to help guide the development of subsequent versions, and/or might be interested in incorporating your health information technology tools and materials – please go to the PHPro forum at the link below. After registering on the forum, you will have access to the fully a functional software program and will be able to generate you own personal health profile on your computer. You will also be able to post questions, offer comments, discuss your wish list, and communicate with potential partners.

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