Monday, June 02, 2008

Updates: Receiving the Personal Health Profiler / Open Source Progress

The Personal Health Profiler™ (PH Profiler™) will be ready by the end of this week. It runs on Excel 2000 or newer. Click this link for a description of the software.

The PH Profiler is now ready for public review for a limited time. Click here for more.

And here's an update on our open source progress. We've decided to submit to the open source community our CCR+™ prototype within the next two weeks. This interoperable continuity of care record not only manages industry standard data sets and complies with all data standards, but it includes two patented components that enables it to:
  • Evaluate in real time abnormal lab test results and symptoms against prescribed medications to (a) identify possible adverse side effects and (b) associate psychological (emotional, cognitive and behavioral) symptoms with biomedical problems
  • Display comprehensive blood test results in the most clinical useful format
  • Use data files and customizable report templates made of spreadsheets that are able to give all clinicians information tailored to their specialties.
More to come.
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