Monday, March 27, 2017

Look back to move forward: Healthcare proposals by Presidential candidates in 2008

In early 2008 I posted an in-depth analysis of the Presidential candidates' proposals for healthcare reform. In light of the failed ACA repeal and replace effort by Congress, I'm once again discussing this analysis to highlight pertinent issues and offer a path forward.

My analysis indicates four factors most likely to determine whether a person even wants healthcare reform; these factors (on a continuum of low to high) are:
  1. Risk of losing one's insurance coverage
  2. Perceived value of one's current insurance and the quality of care received
  3. Difficulty with out-of-pocket costs
  4. Importance of universal healthcare.
The Analysis of the Candidates’ Healthcare Proposals web site presents a detailed systematic comparative analysis of each candidate's healthcare proposal. This analysis examines healthcare reform strategies:focused on:
  • Insurance
    • Universal healthcare (aka Medicare for all)
    • Change in private insurance (including preexisting conditions, coverage guarantees, and selling insurance across state lines)
    • Insurance pooling (community ratings)
    • State flexibility (states can offer their own insurance plans)
  • Financing and payments
    • Mandates (individual and/or employer requirements)
    • Tax credits, subsidies and deductions for individuals, families and businesses
    • Health savings accounts
  • Healthcare value (quality improvements and cost control)
  • Creation or expansion of public health programs
  • Special disease initiatives.
My suggestion is the White House and Congress collaborate to improve Obamacare starting with a debate of the issues and proposals presented by the candidates nine years ago.