Monday, November 16, 2009

Screenshots of Two Novel Health IT Programs

In an effort to "raise the bar" of health IT creativity and utility, I'm posting screenshots of two novel health IT software programs we've been developing: the Life Chart and CCR-Plus.

Life Chart Program

Our LifeChart program depicts a patient's mental health status, treatments, and significant life events over time in a format that is easy and understand. The example below covers seven years of a bipolar patient, but similar chart can be constructed for patients with other disorders. The data can be entered manually and, if available, imported from any database.

Continuity of Care Record Program

The figure below contains screen shots of the CCR-Plus program, which combines a standard CCR with (a) a unique Warnings section that identifies associations between lab results, signs/symptoms, and medication side effects, and (b) a section displaying many lab test result panels and imaging studies in a uniquely clinical useful manner.

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