Monday, August 04, 2008

International Collaboration: SaaS and PHRs

I've been collaborating with a fine group of people from Brazil who are organizing a seminar for October 1, 2008 in Brazil, which focuses on increasing understanding of two key technologies--Software as a Services (SaaS) and Personal Health Records (PHRs)--their evolution, and how they can be used together to improve people's health.

Information technology companies, together with colleagues from the University specializing in healthcare and related services, will demonstrate the potential strategic value of using PHRs and SaaS. This international effort, which focuses on Information Systems Action Research, intends to stimulate meaningful interaction between healthcare providers, scholars and technicians since it aims to promote innovations in networks and organizations. The seminar seeks to bring together professionals from around the world who are interested in collaborating in research and development efforts.

I will be presenting a video in which I share a vision of the future of the PHR and discuss where it can intersect with SaaS technology. Other presenters include a SaaS vendor ( and professors from Brazil and other countries who are involved in health-related activities, including chronic conditions and telemedicine.

To view the seminar's flier, go to this link.
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