Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How to get the public involved in transforming our healthcare system

I've been having an interesting conversation with folks on two other blogs about how to get the public involved in transforming our healthcare system: One is on The Health Care Blog(toward the bottom of the comments section) and the other is on the Healthvoices.

Issues we've discussed include:

  • How to define a sensible rallying point -- something the public can understand and support, and something that is powerful enough to withstand the push-back from the mighty self-interests gaining from the status quo who will resist such change.
  • What must be done for patients/consumers to feel confident and secure in the belief that they do/will receive the best possible care when sick -- tailored to their particular needs, characteristics, and preferences -- which is delivered in a safe, timely, and efficient (cost-effective) manner.
  • How to help the public learn about and understand the serious problems with our broken healthcare system and collaborate to come up with possible solutions.
  • How to empower patients/consumers to have an informed and meaningful say in their own health and healthcare.
Feel free to share your thoughts.
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