Friday, June 16, 2006

Our hole-ly healthcare system

Healthcare in the U.S. is full of holes. There’s a quality chasm, knowledge gap, health information technology (HIT) gap, leadership abyss, and a rift between conventional “sick-care” and “well-care.” To fix our healthcare crisis we must transform the current system by filling these holes — a remedy called the Wellness-Plus Solution™.

This transformation would change American healthcare from an overly expensive and error-prone system to a value-based system that supports and rewards high-quality — effective, efficient, safe, timely and affordable care.

This can only be accomplished using a “high-fidelity” healthcare model that offers financial incentives and health information technologies to collaborative networks of practitioners, researchers, patients/consumers, and health plans that focus on reducing healthcare costs and improving outcomes through:
  • Continual learning and knowledge-building
  • Advanced decision-support and information-sharing
  • The use of evolving evidence-based guidelines
  • Integrated, coordinated, multidisciplinary care.
Our country should focus on providing the resources and leadership required to fill the systemic holes and pave the way to substantial and sustainable improvements in American healthcare.
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