Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Filling the HIT Gap by Satisfying the Unmet Needs

We present the Patient Life-Cycle Wellness™ (PLCW™) system at

It is the first comprehensive health IT (HIT) blueprint to address the six unmet needs of mainstream HIT.

The PLCW system overlaps some other HIT systems in that it:
  • Provides a collaborative space with single sign-on portal technology supporting EHR/EMR/PHRs, CPOEs, e-mail, forums, HIPAA compliant file transfer, voice over IP, and end to end encryption
  • Promote secured access to specific patient data using authorization rules for Trusted Partners, as well as biometrics scans and SMART Cards for authentication
  • Protects patient privacy by allowing only the information a patient permits to be shared with each authorized recipient (i.e., “Trusted Partner”)
  • Interoperates with third-party applications.

But what makes the PLCW blueprint unique, is it is the first to satisfy the following six unmet HIT needs:

  1. Bridging the Knowledge Gap
  2. Managing Plan of Care Execution
  3. Coordinating Care
  4. Protecting public health
  5. Enabling complete connectivity
  6. Management of extensive data sets.

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